Ali Jamieson (Feat. Raff) - Coffee Stain - Do You Like That Song?
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Ali Jamieson (Feat. Raff) – Coffee Stain

DYLTS -  Ali Jamieson (Feat. Raff) - Coffee Stain

Ali Jamieson is a London-based producer, that I discovered a few years ago with the excellent song “Four Thirty”. Since then, he remained active with remixes, mixtapes and a few original songs.

He’s back this month with a new song called “Coffee Stain”, featuring vocals by┬ásoul singer Raff. The track is incredibly smooth, serving up a “symphony of complex percussion, starlight melodies and densely layered retro sounds”. The EP includes remixes from Black Magic Disco, Ben Macklin and Tommy ’86. It ends with another funky original song by Ali Jamieson, “Entropy”.

The EP is out May 25th on Beatport and June 8th on all platforms, via the label Electronic Rumors.



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