DATA - Don't Sing (Feat. Benny Sings) - Do You Like That Song?
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DATA – Don’t Sing (Feat. Benny Sings)

DYLTS - DATA - Don't Sing (Feat. Benny Sings)

Usually, when you hear a song you like in an TV ad, it has been released since a few months already. For DATA’s latest song, it was the opposite: we could hear it in a Citroen ad on French TV, even before it was released. A good strategy to make everybody aware of his come back, especially when it’s such a good song.

DATA teamed up with Benny Sings, for an irresistible pop song. The melodic piano, catchy bassline, and the addictive chorus make it a perfect song to me.

It’s out now via Ekler’o’shock.




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