Interview #24: Doctor Dru

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Doctor Dru joue au Showcase ce soir aux cotés d’Adana Twins et Shir Kahn! (plus d’infos ici) Pour l’occasion, on vous propose de découvrir l’univers de ce producteur au travers d’une interview et d’une playlist.


Just before his show in Paris, we had the chance to ask a few questions to Martino Doncello, alias Doctor Dru. He’s known for his song “The Voice Of Dru” on Exploited Records, but he released a couple of other brilliant songs, such as “Juicy Fruit” with Adana Twins, and original work on his label Jeudi Records (“Gimme“, “Alpha Ray“…). Read the interview to learn more about him, his projects… and his special connection to France.

Hello! To begin, can you introduce yourself briefly? When did you start producing music as Doctor Dru?

Hello. I’m Doctor Dru from Hamburg, Germany. As Doctor Dru I started to produce in 2011.


You’re part of the label Exploited Records, and collaborated with other artists from the label such as Adana Twins. What makes this label special?

Exploited is a very diverse label with loads of quality artists in different styles of electronic music. Hold together by Shir Khan, the king of the jungle. It lies in his nature to smell a good tune before others even heard it.


You also founded Jeudi Records, what are the hot news of the label?

We just released the “Canvas ” EP from Monte. He’s an really extraordinary producer. I especially love his interludes on this EP. New stuff is coming from our swedish friends Bambook and Hodgson who signed responsible for the huge “One Spliff” tune last year. Also we are planning on an exciting crew project.


What are your projects for 2015?

There’s a remix coming on Glasgow Underground. I’ve had the honour to put my hands on the “Too Long” tune by the unforgotten Romanthony. Then I’ve just finished a bunch of new tunes. Just a little tweaking here and there… I can’t wait to release them finally. I also worked a lot at my studio space, did some enhancements on the sound and gear. This project is very inspiring and still in progress.


You’re playing at Showcase in Paris this Saturday, are you excited to play there? When was the last time you came to Paris?

The last time was in October. Funny thing is: also with the Adanas. I just can get rid of them . 🙂 There’s always great memories of Paris. I have a big fanbase here. Paris is actually the biggest city for me worldwide according to social media networks.


Can you tell us your 5 favorite songs at the moment?


There’s one thing I need to say before finishing this interview concerning the actual situation in Paris. I have to express my condolences to the relatives that have lost their beloved ones in this terrible act happening in your great city this week. I am deeply in shock not only because I have a close connection to Paris with a lot of good memories and friends. It felt very strange to lead this interview knowing this is going on. I can just believe we all stand together and let no one drive a wedge between us, yours Dru.

Thanks for this support message and answering our questions!


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