Fellini Félin – Wisteria EP

DYLTS - Fellini Félin - On The Way Home

Holidays are over, but excellent releases are coming. And Délicieuse Records please us again with a brand new EP from Fellini Félin, a talented producer from Bordeaux, France. This 4 track EP mixes guitar sounds, vocals, and minimal house sounds. It’s the result of a very hard work from the producer and his singer, as no samples are used, they really created everything!

One more beautiful release from Délicieuse Records, that you should listen to right now!




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  1. 4 July, 2017

    […] discovered this producer in 2014 with his “Wisteria EP“. Since then, we haven’t heard many new songs from him, so it’s good to see him […]

  2. 1 October, 2017

    […] years after his debut EP “Wisteria”, Fellini Félin is releasing a new one called “Temporary […]