Kindness – World Restart feat. Kelela & Ade

DYLTS - Kindness - World Restart feat. Kelela & Ade

You may already heard about Kindness‘ second album last week: on Friday, he shared a very short teaser to announce the release. Luckily, he just took 3 days to reveal the first extract: it’s called “World Restart”, featuring Kelela & Ade. We are very pleased to hear the beautiful vocals from Adam that seduced us in his debut album, backing the ones from Kelela & Ade.

The instrumention is very rich, with a sax, a bass, drums… It’s really good to hear how Kindness made his sound evolve. Can’t wait for the album, released on the 13 October in UK/Rest of the World & 14 October in North America.

Want to learn more? Read this interview on The Fader. The pre-order for the album is open, find it here.