Caribou - Can't Do Without You (Extended Mix) - Do You Like That Song?
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Caribou – Can’t Do Without You (Extended Mix)

Caribou - Can't Do Without You (Extended Mix)

We could discover last month a new song from Caribou, called “Can’t Do Without You”. A beautiful track built around simple, infectious vocals. He just released an extended version, making our listening pleasure last longer, with a longer synths intro and more of these vocals. It’s the first extract from Caribou’s upcoming album called “Our Love”, out October 7th. Yes that will be a long wait, hopefully he will share new songs to keep us waiting!

  Our Love tracklist:

01 Can’t Do Without You
02 Silver
03 All I Ever Need
04 Our Love
05 Dive
06 Second Chance
07 Julia Brightly
08 Mars
09 Back Home
10 Your Love Will Set You Free 



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