Clarens - Trust (Official Video) - Do You Like That Song?
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Clarens – Trust (Official Video)

DYLTS Clarens - Trust (Official Video) Partyfine

You may already heard the latest release from French label Partyfine, by Clarens, the bass player of the band Juveniles.

A bit different from the previous electronic releases of the label, the song “Trust” is a mix between electronic, hip hop and pop. The official video for the song was just released: shot in black and white, it follows 2 cool kids in St Malo and Dinard, in France.


In other news, the label will release a compilation to celebrate its 1st birthday. It will feature the best songs from Partyfine, but also a few exclusive ones by the likes of Get A Room!, Michael Garçon, Tristesse Contemporaine, Chassol… The video below sums up this first year of the label!




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