Jezz at Home – Rhapsody & Computer EP

DYLTS - Jezz at Home - Rhapsody & Computer EP

Here is something a bit different from what we’re used to post… You could discover French duo Jezz at Home on our Youtube channel, with their sweet song “Rhapsody & Computer”, made under classical influences.

They released this week their eponym EP, which features two more original songs. “California Widow”, made in collaboration with jazz pianist PAC and the producer/singer Luky U is a slow track with smooth vocals and a very relaxed atmosphere. “You Drive Me Crazy” feautring guitar player Grand Daddy Double Woo has a more retro and psychedelic atmosphere.

There are then no less than 5 remixes! I especially like Hortmesteir’s one, who uses nicely the piano of “Rhapsody & Computer” to make a more punchy track.

“Rhapsody & Computer EP” is out now via Swarm Prod, you can get it on Juno Download!