Vallès – St. Lucia EP

Vallès - St. Lucia EP DYLTS

Good vibes from Spain today on DYLTS! When you listen to Vallès‘ music you could actually think he’s from France, as the influences of French touch are obvious. But these excellent basslines and filtered sounds are coming from Ibiza!

This EP is composed of 3 original tracks: “Heartbeat” opens nicely the release, with a cool bassline and vocal samples. It’s followed by the title track, “St Lucia”, a bit faster and punchy. The 3rd track, probably my favorite if I had to choose one, is called “Farewell”: a slower chill song, with a very classy tone and samples. With these 3 tracks, Vallès takes the best elements of French touch.

There are then 3 remixes for “St. Lucia”, by l’Etranger, Cosmonaut Grechko and Vanilla. Excellent debut EP from Vallès, out now via Neonized Records.

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